Day trip – Postojna cave & Škocjan cave


Postojna is know worldwide for its wonderful cave, which lies under the slopes of karstic plateau at the eastern edge of the Postojna Basin.

The visitours entrance stands behind the administrative building 1km nortwest of Postojna town centre. The cave-train departs through the Congres Hall. The lateral caves in this part bear the names of former guides who discovered them. The passage then splits in two main parts after which the passes by the high Cypres to the Curtain- a transparent and lustrous formation just a few milimetres thick,which was formed on a sloping wall by countless bilion precipitate-rich water drops.

By way of a natural bridge the train passes under the Great Mauntain –a 45 m high mound of stone – block, which fell from the ceiling and with time, became by a forest of stalactites. Visitors alight from the train here and proceed on foot along 500m long, stalactite – rich Snowy Hall – so called after the white calcareous sinter on its ceiling.

Here one passes by the lustrous Brilliant Stalagmite, symbol of the Postojna Cave.

Škocjan cave

The Kras region of Slovenia has numerous caves, but none equals the magnificence of those at Škocjan which lie at the line where Eocene flysch and limestone converge. This outstanding complex of caves containing the worlds largest subterranean canyon was listed in the 1986 UNESCO Register of Natural Heritage.

Part of the rich and remarkable natural wonder are the Škocjan Caves, which were created by the Reka (river in English. Synoptically, this particular series of caves can be divided into several parts.


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